Integration of systems and services with API Management

Data integration involves combining data from several different sources, which are stored using different technologies and provide a unified view of the data. Data integration becomes increasingly important in cases of system merging or application consolidation in an enterprise to provide a unified view of enterprise data assets.

Integração de Serviços e Sistemas

APIs Management

With our API development, integration, and management methodology (throughout your life), we drive all your technology initiatives, including API-oriented ecosystem management, mobile internet, internet of things (IoT), and microservices architecture.

SOA integration

With more than 10 years of experience in platform integration using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Digiage Technologies, in partnership with WSO2, helps your company build an interoperable systems architecture model: lean, low cost, scalable and open source, freeing your company from high software licensing costs.

Systems and platform integration solutions

Integração de Sistemas e Plataformas

Within the corporate environment we use several tools to assist in productivity and business organization. They are different systems, platforms, services and also multiple teams, resulting in a lot of different needs.

It is necessary to ensure good alignment and communication between people, processes and systems. But that’s not an easy task. Ensuring this alignment is essential to consolidate a lean, robust and successful business model.

Using WSO2 technology, we offer Middleware solutions that include API Management, Enterprise Integration, Identity & Access, Analytics & Stream. Grow your business with an open source platform of agile and scalable architecture, recognized by Forrester as a market leader.

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